adj.1.producing little pollution, especially air pollution; as, a low-polluting electric car.
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Technical value of the bid (quality of the offer and the proposed equipment, qualification of the company, the organization and the company~s response safety, experience and references the company, the period of performance and compliance with the provisional timetable): 50%; - the price of services: 40%; - the commitment to sustainable development and waste management, the use of low-polluting and recyclable product: 10%.
WHEN it comes to offering affordable, fuel-efficient, low-polluting vehicles Fiat is hard to beat, and every model features cutting-edge design.
Facing the consequences of climate change and rising sea levels, the Cuban government has outlined a policy based on preventive measures, such as the pursuit of low-polluting technologies.
Two measures that have helped artificially boost car sales in recent years - a 1,000 euro sales incentive for buyers of new cars who scrap older ones and a tax bonus available for buying low-polluting cars - have come to an end.
Peugeot CEO Philippe Varin said the vehicles produced under the JV will "meet the highest environmental standards" and include low-polluting hybrid cars which the Chinese government is seeking to promote by offering subsidies.
Each chapter focuses one city from around the world that represents a specific global economic trend, such as Erie, Pennsylvania, where a factory uses new methods to build high-efficiency, low-polluting railroad locomotives; Yakutsk, Russia, the coldest major city in the world, which is benefiting from climate change; Shenzhen, China, which has become the fourth largest port in the world; and Leipzig, Germany, which houses the world's largest solar power facility.
Offers on the table are way below these targets and there are tough questions like who makes the cuts (should high-polluting countries have higher targets than low-polluting countries) and should the high polluters (like the EU) support the lower polluters financially in their attempts to develop (but as low-carbon economies)?
Instead, through a combination of car company/dealer incentives and $3, 500 from the government's "Cash for Clunkers" program, I just purchased a high-mileage, low-polluting new car.
Modern trains are high-tech efficient and low-polluting as exemplified by Amtrack's high-speed Acela service in the Boston-Washington corridor.
There, the government has done much to set standards regulating vehicle emissions, but not enough to encourage individuals to buy low-polluting cars.