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1. Of or relating to an image that lacks fine detail.
2. Computers
a. Of or relating to an output device, such as a printer, whose images contain a small number of dots per unit of area and therefore lack sharpness and detail.
b. Of or relating to a raster-based image that contains a small number of pixels per unit of area.
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Adj.1.low-resolution - of computer output devices; producing images that are not sharply defined
high-resolution - producing images that are sharp and finely detailed; "high-resolution photography"; "a high-resolution lens"; "high-resolution television"
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The AI technology based on machine learning analyses content and automatically upscales low-resolution images into 8K picture quality, said a statement from Samsung.
The AI technology based on machine learning analyzes content and automatically upscale low-resolution images into 8K picture quality.
1 4600 pieces of dna-based low-resolution hla typing of the test kit.
By joint dictionary learning of the low-resolution and high-resolution image patch pairs, the sparse representation of corresponding patches is the same.
Peleg & co-workers estimated an initial guess for the higher resolution image and simulated the imaging process to obtain a set of simulated low-resolution images.
Many Internet sites use small, low-resolution images that allow the website to load faster.
Pursued from this unusual viewpoint, his continuing investigation of extremely low-resolution imagery functions as an exploration of the furthest margins of visual perception, revealing how much--or how little--information is required for comprehension.
It's a very large file and it must be analyzed quickly," says Spicer, "and the result is displayed in a low-resolution format on the operator's screen.
The company, a maker of low-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) instruments as well as components and subsystems for magnetic resonance imaging research applications, recorded sales of 2.
These include a recently revived near-infrared camera and the Advanced Camera for Surveys, which records both ultrasharp visible-light images and low-resolution spectra at visible light and near-ultraviolet wavelengths.
However, in previous studies using low-resolution instruments, its true spectrum in this region was not well measured.
That's where we got the low-resolution graphic to the right, after DARPA stonewalled our attempts to secure a high-resolution version.