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Adj.1.low-set - short and thick; as e.g. having short legs and heavy musculature; "some people seem born to be square and chunky"; "a dumpy little dumpling of a woman"; "dachshunds are long lowset dogs with drooping ears"; "a little church with a squat tower"; "a squatty red smokestack"; "a stumpy ungainly figure"
short, little - low in stature; not tall; "he was short and stocky"; "short in stature"; "a short smokestack"; "a little man"
2.low-set - lower than average; "lowset ears"; "a stocky low-set animal"
low - literal meanings; being at or having a relatively small elevation or upward extension; "low ceilings"; "low clouds"; "low hills"; "the sun is low"; "low furniture"; "a low bow"
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Hence the upright driving position, the appalling low-set sat nav placement and the siting of the gearstick miles away from where you'd ideally want it.
Craniosynostosis, dolichostenomelia, proptosis, low-set ears, arachnodactyly, camptodactyly, pes planus, pectus excavatum or carinatum, scoliosis, joint hyperextensibility or contractures, hydrocephalus, dilatation of lateral ventricles, Chiari 1 malformation may be seen in this syndrome.
The model features slimmer, clear-lensed tail-lights, low-set air vents and what appear to be touch-sensitive controls on the centre stack.
Physical examination also revealed dysmorphic facial appearance with webbed neck, hypertelorism, epicanthus, downward palpebral fissures, low-set ears rotated backward, triangular face, micrognathia, high-arched palate, widely spaced nipples, cardiac operation scar, and pectus excavatum.
These are often the most popular engagement rings as they tend to have a plain metal band and a low-set diamond showcased in the middle.
The changes were low-set pockets (one zipped), three-quarter length sleeves and no ties - instead a scarf was fastened with a Guide badge at the bottom of an attractive V-neck collar.
Low-set eyebrows = Friendly and easy to meet SIGNS OF SUCCESS IN WOMEN 1.
The low-set 'spindle grille' immediately identifies the ES as a new generation Lexus including headlamps with integrated arrowhead shaped LED DRL (Daytime Running Lights), which heighten the sculptured styling.
The stretched-out, low-profile, black fuel tank, with knee recesses, low-set handlebars, rear footpeg, genuine clip-on bars and the black bump stop, along with shiny chrome upswept silencers, complete the authentic period cafe racer look.
Slipping in and out of the pristine bays, keeping clear of the occasional low-set rock and waving to the spectators on the shore are all part of the excitement of SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week.
Its packaging--featuring a raised cork in low-set bottle--was inspired by short, round 18th-century bottles, the company says.