adj. Informal
Fairly inexpensive: low-ticket merchandise.


having a relatively low price: low-ticket products.
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After hitting a bump when the movie was pulled out of theaters after one day due to low-ticket sales, it was brought back to cinemas after the best picture win.
Is there a program in the employee manual covering low-ticket incentive?
Topping said: "Going into 2011, we were, like many businesses with a strong presence in the UK, predicted to face a challenging consumer backdrop but our overall performance shows we've seen the benefit of being a predominantly low-ticket leisure activity.
New York, Mar 22 (ANI): Barbadian singer Rihanna has been advised to cancel domestic dates on her 'Loud' tour following low-ticket sales.
He said Saudi Airlines has been incurring heavy losses as a result of low-ticket fares for its flights to domestic destinations.
The retailer focused too much on low-ticket items rather than furniture.
Chief executive Trevor Bish-Jones said yesterday that while he remained cautious amid higher interest rates and the recent financial turmoil, low-ticket prices typically bolster the business in times of economic weakness.
The Smiths no longer have any credit card debt since they believe in using cash to buy low-ticket items.
We're casting our eye over a number of acquisition opportunities in the high-volume, low-ticket gaming sector.
Grocery stores with self-checkout, convenience stores, drug stores, quick-serve restaurants and discount/dollar stores are among the low-ticket retail venues adopting card payments.
A 2001 McKinsey study of more than 120 Asian, European, and North American e-tailers found that 19 percent of them were profitable, because they have pursued one of three winning strategies: niche sites offer expensive goods, such as certain luxury items, specialty foods, or apparel; dominant sites have a disproportionate share of the traffic for low-ticket goods (such as compact discs and books) or travel-related items; and in-the-middle e-tailers use a very strict cost-efficiency strategy.
That's important when selling relatively low-ticket items, to keep customers coming back for more.