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Adj.1.low-voltage - subjected to or capable of operating under relative low voltage
electricity - a physical phenomenon associated with stationary or moving electrons and protons
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The company aims to install 379 transformer substations, 322 kiosks, 104 medium-voltage panels, 57 low-voltage panels, 2,685 medium-voltage towers, and 126 kilometres of low-voltage connectors.
SAN DIEGO -- Most patients who suffered a low-voltage electrical injury had residual neurologic, psychological, and musculoskeletal symptoms an average of 10 months after their initial injury, Kirsten Theman and her associates reported during a poster session at the annual meeting of the American Burn Association.
The Complete Low-Voltage 8' x 8' Pond System ($400) solves that problem because it operates on low-voltage.
Low-voltage and line-voltage, flexible track and pendant lighting systems are all the rage, thanks to ease in installation and adjustability, not to mention their cutting-edge designs.
The low-voltage mobile AMD Athlon XP-M processors 2000+ and 1900+ bring balanced mobility and extended system battery life to thin-and-light notebooks while providing excellent performance for home and business users.
LON Works-compatible wall switches are then installed and connected using a router with inexpensive, low-voltage twisted-pair cable or fiber optics, infrared or power line carriers.
There are many different types of probes available, including high-voltage (240-v) and low-voltage (24-v, 26-v) types, and probes that have no heater windings - such as high-amp induction units and probes containing "heat-pipe" type devices.
2 include the low-voltage systems for the coverage Katzensee, the coverage stilts electro-spaces open route to the northern bypass of Zurich and the electrical room Wehntalerstrasse.
00 MWh, the maximum amount of power low-voltage 5136.

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