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tr.v. low·balled, low·bal·ling, low·balls Informal
To underestimate or understate (a cost) deliberately: "I get hopping mad every time I see a politician lowballing the cost of his latest healthcare boondoggle" (Megan McArdle).

[From the card game of the same name.]

low′ball′ adj.


1. (Card Games) a game of poker in which the player with the lowest hand wins
2. (Commerce)
a. a very low estimate or offer
b. (as modifier): a lowball bid.
(Commerce) (tr) to make a very low estimate or offer for (a service, product, company, etc)



1. to deliberately estimate a lower price for than one intends to charge.
2. to give a false estimate for.
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Verb1.lowball - make a deliberately low estimatelowball - make a deliberately low estimate; "The construction company wanted the contract badly and lowballed"
estimate, gauge, approximate, guess, judge - judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time); "I estimate this chicken to weigh three pounds"
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They said some parties make lowball early offers to landowners, who are often discouraged from appealing because of high legal fees that process may incur.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A family living in PaE-amandyra village, located in the path of the highway that will connect to the third bridge over the Bosporus on the Anatolian side of the city, has resisted lowball offers to sell their property as the project encroaches on the family's home, according to a report in the Cumhuriyet daily on Thursday.
Lowball provides a fine 'Wild Cards' novel and is set in a new universe created by Martin in a collection edited by Martin and Snodgrass.
A lowball offer to an unemployed candidate only plants the seeds of discontent before a candidate even starts and will make your new hire susceptible to entrees from other companies once he's aboard with you.
WASHINGTON, Shawwal 11, 1435, August 07, 2014, SPA -- After months of lowball offers and heels dug in, it took only 24 hours forBank of Americato suddenly cave in to the government, agreeing to the largest single federal settlement in the history of corporate America.
Brokers also noted that lowball offers gained little traction and bidding wars started anew at some properties.
Novartis, which has a deal to buy a majority of Alcon from Nestle SA (Vevey, Switzerland), has made what Alcon's independent directors regard as a lowball offer originally worth $11.
However, given the lowball offer, there are reports that AB InBev may choose to scupper the sale, and try to sell off the breweries individually.
Midfielder Steve Jennings moved smartly to collect a short corner from the right by George O'Callaghan and his lowball was clipped first time into the bottom corner by Gareth Edds.
That's because the guild has essentially turned that vote into a referendum on its strategy of blasting AFTRA for signing lowball deals that encroached on SAG's turf and for not holding out for a better deal than the DGA and WGA got.
He's concerned that enviros will lowball the state's potential haul from royalties, which would discourage development.
The original estimates were close to $400 million, not $220 million, but the Navy was so focused on proving that it could build an inexpensive warship that it allowed contractors to submit lowball estimates, the official said.