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Of humble birth.


(ˌləʊˈbɔːn) or


of ignoble or common parentage; not royal or noble



of humble birth.
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Adj.1.lowborn - of humble birth or origins; "a topsy-turvy society of lowborn rich and blue-blooded poor"
low-class, lower-class - occupying the lowest socioeconomic position in a society
noble - of or belonging to or constituting the hereditary aristocracy especially as derived from feudal times; "of noble birth"


[ˈləʊˈbɔːn] ADJde humilde cuna
References in classic literature ?
I am a lowborn, miserable villain," declared the Chief Steward, humbly.
A dozen bands of cut-throats he had driven from the Derby hills, and though the barons would much rather have had all the rest than he, the peasants worshipped him as a deliverer from the lowborn murderers who had been wont to despoil the weak and lowly and on whose account the women of the huts and cottages had never been safe.
in the distinction between enemy Men and enemy Orcs, Tolkien is willing to accord some rights and respectability even to these fallen or lowborn humans fighting on Sauron's behalf, as when Aragorn--now King Elessar of Gondor--releases the Easterlings who had surrendered on the battlefield, makes peace with the swarthy men of the South, and frees the thralls of Mordor, granting them lands in that region.
The two grow up together as best friends, but when the lowborn young man becomes aware of the queen's destructive jealousy against him, he leaves the court, proves his valor, and marries the daughter of a nearby king.
35) As far as Coriolanus is concerned, to be lowborn and of "base" occupation is to be too soft in body, too loose in morals, and too effeminate in spirit to be a true warrior, or even to merit courteous speech from the "good and honest.
Using Bronzino's famous portrait of Eleonora da Toledo in the Uffizi as an example, Dooley points out that rich fabrics and gorgeous clothing conveyed beauty and status in the Renaissance, a significant fact for both the illegitimate Giovanni and the lowborn Livia (p.
99) The first instalment of Collier's The Tsar's Dragons tells the epic historical saga based on the true story of how John Hughes, a lowborn, illiterate Welshman, founded Russia's iron industry on the steppes of the Ukraine.
Highborn lords and ladies with lowborn aims are a constant resource of mock genres.
The Prose Merlin states that the kings reject Arthur's kingship because 'they were mad to have made such a lowborn man king and lord over them'.
Davos Seaworth, the lowborn smuggler knighted and raised to be Stannis's hand, was knocked off of his burning ship into the Blackwater, left to an uncertain fate.
One other poacher was seriously injured during a contact between the authority's rangers and six poachers between Zambezi Camp and K a Lowborn on the Zimbabwean side.
acknowledge the apparently lowborn Patie (the 'Gentle