lowbush cranberry

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Noun1.lowbush cranberry - tart red berries similar to American cranberries but smaller
berry - any of numerous small and pulpy edible fruits; used as desserts or in making jams and jellies and preserves
cowberry, foxberry, lingberry, lingenberry, lingonberry, mountain cranberry, Vaccinium vitis-idaea - low evergreen shrub of high north temperate regions of Europe and Asia and America bearing red edible berries
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It speaks of the diversity of cultures, interests, perceptions, and knowledge of the people living in the North in the late 1990s: "In all our silly poems and goofy pictures, in all our fine handcrafted easy chairs, filling our faces with rosehip jelly and lowbush cranberry tea, mushing our dogs or tapping at our computers, here is whatever the north means, at least to an ill-knit community, scattered around Canada and Alaska, in the hear [sic] and now.