lower berth

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Noun1.lower berth - the lower of two berths
built in bed, bunk, berth - a bed on a ship or train; usually in tiers
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First we had supper, and then tramped up and down the deck together smoking till most midnight; then we went and set down in my stateroom and locked the doors and looked in the piece of paper to see if the di'monds was all right, then laid it on the lower berth right in full sight; and there we set, and set, and by-and-by it got to be dreadful hard to keep awake.
His grand-nephew had given him the sofa, occupying the lower berth himself.
In this manner I fancied I could distinguish the precise moment when he fairly disengaged the lid--also, that I could determine when he removed it altogether, and when he deposited it upon the lower berth in his room; this latter point I knew, for example, by certain slight taps which the lid made in striking against the wooden edges of the berth, as he endeavored to lay it down VERY gently--there being no room for it on the floor.
Genting Dream will accommodate a lower berth of 3,400 guests, with 2,000 crew members, forming the leading crew-to-guest ratio in Asia-based cruising.
They gave up a lower berth for my upper one to help me avoid trouble climbing up and down going to the toilet at night, one of them woke with me every time to hold the latchless toilet door for me against the men lolling in the aisles, did not allow me to get down even once to fetch water, shared their dinner with me - and all they wanted in return was that I read to them from their colourful film magazines (they were all unlettered) stories about their favourite heroes and heroines
By night, it's transformed by one of the two attendants - on call 24 hours a day - into a sleeping compartment with a wide lower berth and smaller berth above.
Although he's likely to be dropped out by DarrenWilliams and his draw in nine shouldn't be an issue, I would have preferred a lower berth as there's always a chance of being stuck wide if too many of the others are reined back after the start
Opponents of military desegregation warned that blacks would spread tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases, and Senator Russell of Georgia warned that the policy could even lead to "intermarriage of the races'" A few days after Truman's orders, Representative William Lewis, a Kentucky Republican, orated upon the theme of racial purity and pollution on the House floor, urging colleagues to "imagine, if you please, a colored man sleeping in a lower berth in the same coach just opposite a white woman in easy arm's reach of each other.
In 1863 he built the Pioneer, the first modern sleeping coach with a folding upper berth and extensible seat cushions to form a lower berth.
That race was over ten furlongs, but he is equally effective over a mile and, with a lower berth ideal, in stall ten he is not so badly drawn as Desert Fury.
With the addition of nine new ships, CLIA lines increased fleetwide lower berth capacity to 307,707 on 176 ocean-going ships, an 8.
A combined quota of four lower berths per coach in Sleeper class and two lower berth per coach in Air Conditioned 3 tier (3AC) and Air Conditioned 2 tier (2AC) classes for Senior citizens, Female passengers 45 years of age and above, and pregnant women when travelling alone.