lower bound

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low·er bound

A number less than or equal to any number in a set.
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Noun1.lower bound - (mathematics) a number equal to or less than any other number in a given set
math, mathematics, maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
bound, boundary, edge - a line determining the limits of an area
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Observe that the B&B heuristic needs a lower bound too.
in practice papers in this literature estimate the OLIR to be the lowest inflation rate for which the risk of the funds rate hitting the lower bound appears to be "acceptably small." Interestingly, the results using this approach seem fairly consistent across models and specifications, with several papers (including work using the FRBUS model, see Reifschneider and Williams 2000) having concluded that the risk of hitting the zero bound seems to decline sharply once the long-run average inflation rate rises to about 2 percent.
In Section 3, we show that our version of the TSP-TS cannot be modeled as a TDTSP and describe a method for computing a lower bound on the optimal solution.
The interest-bearing design of CBDC, and the obsolescence of paper currency, would also contribute to greater macroeconomic stability, because interest rate adjustments would have the advantage of no longer being constrained by an effective lower bound in response to severe adverse shocks.
The Fed and other central banks are informally exploring this option now, because it could increase the equilibrium interest rate to 5-6 per cent, and reduce the risk of hitting the zero lower bound in another recession.
During the low inflation period of recent decades, the effective lower bound (ELB) across Europe, Japan, and the United States has been binding for a large fraction of the time, impeding macroeconomic performance.
A relaxed version of the upper and lower bound of power pattern is proposed as
Lemma 5 (lower bound of [mathematical expression not reproducible] (s)).
In Figure 4(d), the control measure [w.sub.4] is at upper bound at the beginning and after 140 days it rapidly drops to the lower bound at the final time.
is a lower bound of [[sigma].sub.p]; that is, -0.96 [less than or equal to] -1/2 = [[sigma].sub.p].
The BSP kept the overnight deposit facility's rate of 2.5 percent, which serves as the lower bound of the corridor.