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Noun1.lower limit - the smallest possible quantitylower limit - the smallest possible quantity  
peak, extremum - the most extreme possible amount or value; "voltage peak"
small indefinite amount, small indefinite quantity - an indefinite quantity that is below average size or magnitude
skeleton - something reduced to its minimal form; "the battalion was a mere skeleton of its former self"; "the bare skeleton of a novel"
2.lower limit - the limit on the lower (or southernmost) side of something
demarcation, demarcation line, limit - the boundary of a specific area
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In fact, this nearly exact balancing between the supply of sediment and the amount of subsidence is probably a rare contingency; for it has been observed by more than one palaeontologist, that very thick deposits are usually barren of organic remains, except near their upper or lower limits.
A spokesman said that a traffic regulation order bringing in the lower limit was introduced on August 1 and is due to last six months.
NEW 20mph speed limit signs and road markings are being introduced to Birmingham city centre as the rollout of lower limits continues.
While we therefore cannot take this forward now, we do believe Scotland should have the powers we need to make such decisions, including whether there should be lower limits for young, newly qualified drivers or professional drivers.
In addition to estimates based on cosmological models, astronomers have used galaxy counts to set a lower limit for the EBL.
The highest-priority goal is to minimize the overachievement of total cost in fertilizer combination, the second-priority goal is to minimize underutilization of the lower limit of nutrients, while the third priority goal is to minimize the overutilization of the upper limit of nutrients.
In the medium term gold has reached a strong level of support, outlined in chart 6 (the lower limit of the channel).
Cathays is the first part of Cardiff to be highlighted as a potential 20mph zone, but the lower limit could be rolled out across the city.
Under the new regime, the current blood alcohol limit will be reduced from 80mg to 50mg - although professional drivers and inexperienced motorists will be subjected to a significantly lower limit of just 20mg.
First they put a lower limit on the amount that could be paid into it.
The report said: 168 lives could be saved in the first year of a new lower limit and as many as 303 lives a year could be saved by the sixth year following a change in the law; There should be no move to reduce the limit to 20mg for young and novice drivers, but the Government should review this position after five years; Random breath tests should be introduced, but in a "targeted and intelligence-led way"; The 12-month ban should stay for the lower limit as it was "a potent weapon in combating drink-driving" and it would be "a retrograde step to diminish the force of that weapon"; Sentencing guidelines should be amended so magistrates could "routinely consider" permanent driving bans for persistent drink-drive offenders; your EMAIL us @dailypost.
The lower limit of lower quality two bed apartments in both West and East Dubai have also declined by an average of 7 percent since early May.

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