lower respiratory infection

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Noun1.lower respiratory infection - infection of the lower respiratory tract
respiratory infection, respiratory tract infection - any infection of the respiratory tract
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Global and regional burden of hospital admissions for severe acute lower respiratory infections in young children in 2010: A systematic analysis.
Vitamin D Deficiency in Young Children With Severe Acute Lower Respiratory Infection.
Given the importance of treating respiratory infections and its high prevalence in children, and due to the fact that there have not been such studies done in Iran, the current study was planned to assess the association between vitamin D and lower respiratory infections in children.
Specifically, the hospitalization rate for nonrotavirus diarrheal illnesses and nonalveolar pneumonia lower respiratory infections dropped by 21% and 7%, respectively, while outpatient emergency visits for those disorders fell by 16% and 14%.
In a very recent systematic review of risk factors for mortality from acute lower respiratory infections (ALRIs) in <5-year-old children in low- and middle-income countries [2] (95% of all deaths from ALRIs occur in these countries), the major risk factors were the diagnosis of very severe pneumonia using the World Health Organization (WHO) definition, being <2 months of age, and having underlying chronic disease, HIV or severe malnutrition.
Similar haematological findings were observed in sheep/ goat with upper and lower respiratory infections (Table 3 and 4).
RISK of wheezing increases by at least 65%, and RISK of lower respiratory infections in children increase by 50% - and this rises to 60% Northern if the mother smokes.
This study aims to identify respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and metapneumovirus (MPV) in Brazilian infants hospitalized for acute lower respiratory infection and correlation of clinical data with viral genotypes, using the polymerase chain reaction and phylogenetic analysis.
RSV is also encountered in adults and it has been found to be positive in 7% aged 18-60 years with 84% symptomatic (74% upper respiratory infection, 26% lower respiratory infection, and 40% febrile) (13).
The researchers state that their study is the first to confirm the link between bacterial colonization of dental plaque and lower respiratory infection in institutionalized patients using molecular genotyping.
However, several studies show that moderate physical activity may improve the immune system and reduce the risk of both upper and lower respiratory infection.
She said many of the children suffer from respiratory syncytial virus - which, according to hospital officials, is the leading cause of lower respiratory infection in infants and young children.

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