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low·er 1

 (lou′ər, lour) also lour (lour)
intr.v. low·ered, low·er·ing, low·ers also loured or lour·ing or lours
1. To look angry, sullen, or threatening. See Synonyms at frown.
2. To appear dark or stormy, as the sky.
1. A threatening, sullen, or angry look.
2. A dark or stormy appearance: the lower of thunderheads.

[Middle English louren.]

low′er·ing·ly adv.

low·er 2

adj. Comparative of low 2
1. Below another in rank, position, or authority.
2. Physically situated below a similar or comparable thing: a lower shelf.
3. Lower Geology & Archaeology Relating to or being an earlier or older division of the period named.
4. Biology Less complex in organization or having traits similar to those of organisms that evolved earlier in the history of life on Earth.
5. Denoting the larger and usually more representative house of a bicameral legislature.
v. low·ered, low·er·ing, low·ers
1. To let, bring, or move down to a lower level.
2. To reduce in value, degree, or quality.
3. To weaken; undermine: lower one's energy.
4. To reduce in standing or respect.
1. To move down: Her hand lowered.
2. To become less; diminish: The temperature has lowered gradually this month.


(ˈlaʊ ər ɪŋ, ˈlaʊər ɪŋ)

1. dark and threatening: lowering skies.
2. frowning; scowling.
low′er•ing•ly, adv.
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Noun1.lowering - the act of causing to become lesslowering - the act of causing to become less  
reduction, step-down, diminution, decrease - the act of decreasing or reducing something
tapering - the act of gradually lowering the size or amount; "the doctor prescribed the tapering of the dose"
2.lowering - the act of causing something to move to a lower level
movement - the act of changing the location of something; "the movement of cargo onto the vessel"
Adj.1.lowering - darkened by clouds; "a heavy sky"
cloudy - full of or covered with clouds; "cloudy skies"


2. glowering, forbidding, grim, frowning, brooding, scowling, sullen, surly We walked in fear of his lowering temperament.
عابِس، مُتَجَهِّم
ógnvænlegur; drungalegur


[ˈlaʊərɪŋ] ADJ [expression, glance] → ceñudo; [sky] → encapotado


1 [ˈləʊərɪŋ]
1. n (of price) → riduzione f, diminuzione f; (of temperature, pressure) → abbassamento; (of resistance) → indebolimento; (of boat) → messa in acqua
the lowering of morale → il calo del morale
the lowering of the flag → l'ammainabandiera
2. adjumiliante, degradante


2 [ˈlaʊərɪŋ] adj (look, sky) → minaccioso/a



(ˈlauə) verb
(of the sky etc) to become dark or threatening.
ˈlowering adjective
References in classic literature ?
The descent, of course, is effected by lowering the heat of the cylinder, and letting the temperature abate.
Before lowering the boat for the chase, the upper end of the line is taken aft from the tub, and passing round the logger-head there, is again carried forward the entire length of the boat, resting crosswise upon the loom or handle of every man's oar, so that it jogs against his wrist in rowing; and also passing between the men, as they alternately sit at the opposite gunwales, to the leaded chocks or grooves in the extreme pointed prow of the boat, where a wooden pin or skewer the size of a common quill, prevents it from slipping out.
They also have private means for lowering or raising them from the ground without if they wish to go away and leave them.
Fruits and vegetables are key players in lowering calorie density," says Rolls.
But metalcasting associations and small business concerns disagree with the interpretation of the numbers, saying that progress has been made in lowering the death toll.
Intuitively, one will accept that lowering aspect ratio would increase a tire's radial stiffness and dimensional stability.
Economy tissue producers, which also include much of the AFH market, are most interested in lowering fiber and energy costs.
IT managers deploying SANs look at storage resources as pools of storage capacity that can be easily allocated across applications as required, lowering support costs and better utilizing the available capacity.
Reflecting the thoughts of many people in the audience, Fred Whitaker, commander of American Legion Post 127, said he supports the recognition of the genocide, but believes that lowering the flag should be reserved for veterans, notable Americans and major U.
We emphasize the lowering phase and pause in the starting position before beginning the next rep.
A total of 2,081 participants took 40 milligrams of the cholesterol- lowering drug pravastatin each day.
This type of behavior leads to the only modest lowering of prices and the big cash buildups, mergers, and acquisitions that characterize the health industry today.