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An area of land that is low in relation to the surrounding country.
Relating to or characteristic of low, usually level land.


1. (Physical Geography) relatively low ground
2. (Physical Geography) (often plural) a low generally flat region
(Physical Geography) of or relating to a lowland or lowlands
ˈlowlander n


(Placename) of or relating to the Lowlands of Scotland or the dialect of English spoken there


(ˈloʊ lənd)

1. land that is low or level in comparison with the adjacent country.
2. the Lowlands, a low, level region in S, central, and E Scotland.
3. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a lowland or lowlands.
4. (cap.) of or pertaining to the Lowlands of Scotland or the speech of this area.
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Noun1.lowland - low level countrylowland - low level country      
landfill - a low area that has been filled in
natural depression, depression - a sunken or depressed geological formation
highland, upland - elevated (e.g., mountainous) land
Adj.1.lowland - of relatively low or level country
highland, upland - used of high or hilly country
highland, upland - used of high or hilly country
أرْض مُنْخَفِضَه
ova/düzlük alana ait


A. Ntierra f baja the Lowlandslas tierras bajas de Escocia
B. ADJde tierra baja


nplaine f
adj [area] → de plaines


[ˈləʊlənd] nbassopiano, pianura
the Lowlands of Scotland → le Lowlands scozzesi


(ləu) adjective
1. not at or reaching up to a great distance from the ground, sea-level etc. low hills; a low ceiling; This chair is too low for the child.
2. making little sound; not loud. She spoke in a low voice.
3. at the bottom of the range of musical sounds. That note is too low for a female voice.
4. small. a low price.
5. not strong; weak or feeble. The fire was very low.
6. near the bottom in grade, rank, class etc. low temperatures; the lower classes.
in or to a low position, manner or state. The ball flew low over the net.
ˈlower verb
1. to make or become less high. She lowered her voice.
2. to let down. He lowered the blinds.
ˈlowly adjective
of low rank; humble.
ˈlowliness noun
ˈlow-down adjective
mean; contemptible. a low-down thief.
ˈlowland adjective
of or concerning lowlands. lowland districts.
ˈlowlander noun
a person who lives in the lowlands.
ˈlowlands noun plural
land which is low compared with other, higher land.
ˈlow-lying adjective
(of land) at a height not much above sea-level.
low-ˈtech noun
technology using simple tools and unsophisticated equipment and methods.
low-tech industries/skills.
low tide/water
the time when the sea is lowest at a particular place during ebb-tide. There is three feet of water in the harbour, even at low water.
be low on
not to have enough of. I'll have to go to the supermarket – we're low on coffee and sugar.
References in classic literature ?
Alan was advertised as "a small, pock-marked, active man of thirty-five or thereby, dressed in a feathered hat, a French side-coat of blue with silver buttons, and lace a great deal tarnished, a red waistcoat and breeches of black, shag;" and I as "a tall strong lad of about eighteen, wearing an old blue coat, very ragged, an old Highland bonnet, a long homespun waistcoat, blue breeches; his legs bare, low-country shoes, wanting the toes; speaks like a Lowlander, and has no beard.
If only the lowlanders would show a bit more kindness toward the Aetas, then the latter might have a surge in self-esteem and shine as a people.
This year's theme, 'Inspired Christmas among the Tribes,' features exhibit booths with ethnic motifs from the province's indigenous peoples (IP)-Bugkalot, Agta, Igorot, Kalinga, as well as Ilocano lowlanders, to showcase their role in the sociocultural development of the province.
Methods: The randomised clinical trial study was conducted at the Armed Forces Institute of Ophthalmology, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, from January 2013 to December 2015, and comprised eyes of lowlanders.
Sitio Wawa in Barangay San Rafael is a habitat of the Remontado Dumagat, mixed-blood offspring of lowlanders who fled the Spanish colonizers and of Negritos, the original setters in the area.
An important aspect of HA Physiology is HA related illnesses occurring in lowlanders on sudden exposure to HA.
Roman Catholic lowlanders are based in Northern Luzon and central Visayas, two of three major islands in the Philippines.
Along with the flow of these goods, the authors unveil how the manufacture and exchange of these items are intricately entangled with Hmong social networks, as well as how they give indications of Hmong relations with lowlanders, the state, and the larger global community.
Extreme Everest 2013 was an observational cohort study of human responses to progressive hypobaric hypoxia (during ascent) and subsequent normoxia (following descent), comparing sherpas (high-altitude ancestry) with lowlanders (lowland ancestry).
This is partly due to the males' worries over their historical conflicts with Philippine lowlanders and the effects their presence could have on negotiations; TOP: Agta men chase small fish under larger rocks in the river, trapping them so they can be speared.