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tr.v. low·light·ed, low·light·ing, low·lights
To darken (strands of hair) by coloring.

[On the model of highlight.]


1. an unenjoyable or unpleasant part of an event
2. (Hairdressing & Grooming) (usually plural) a streak of darker colour artificially applied to the hair
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019-inch steel pins, easy and precise elevation and windage adjustment, extra b long fibers to provide perfect aiming brightness, second-and third-axis adjustability and an included sight light for lowlight conditions.
She went on to say that of all five Bella Beauty College locations in Central Texas, South Austin just barely edged out the other locations for the market demand for highlights and lowlight services, however other services such as haircuts and manicures were off the charts for demand as well.
However, HTC has sensors that are larger offering better lowlight performance.
The lowlight was Kenny Miller's miss from two yards out at the end of the Cardiff-Liverpool League Cup Final at Wembley.
VILLAINS OF THE WEEK The USA Ryder Cup team LOWLIGHT of the week was Bubba Watson banging on about winning the Ryder Cup for the servicemen and women of the States.
Kevin Pietersen's dismissal in the second innings was a particular lowlight of England's defeat but Hills offer 7-1 that he is dropped for next week's Test.
The RX30 Reflex series features a 42mm aperture lens, and a glowing tritium lamp ensures a bright amber reticle at night or in lowlight conditions.
The camera can provide sharp images even in lowlight conditions and allows for 12 privacy masks that can change in size to cover up objects not to be seen.
They are expensive to be sure, at around $14,495 for the M-320L, but if you ever have a crewman go over the side at night, these things are well worth the price, because there's nothing that will locate a man in the water any quicker, and they also do an excellent job in general lowlight navigation.
The WT1 features a large digital readout and easy-to-press buttons, and is backlit for lowlight conditions.
ALAS VEGAS COMPANY has paired a lowlight camera and spotlight that can detect and track intruders up to one and half miles away.
In fact, every act who played at Hyde Park on Saturday has received a sales boost - except for Pete Doherty, whose duet with Sir Elton John was the lowlight of the concert