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tr.v. low·light·ed, low·light·ing, low·lights
To darken (strands of hair) by coloring.

[On the model of highlight.]


1. an unenjoyable or unpleasant part of an event
2. (Hairdressing & Grooming) (usually plural) a streak of darker colour artificially applied to the hair
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Some of its more notable features include one-touch Power On Auto Record with Vibration Indication, and lowlight recording like no other POV cam of its kind.
And a dog that farted Broadcaster Ken Bruce describing the appearance of ex-Spice Girl Geri on his BBC radio show as a career lowlight I always splash cold water on my breasts after a hot bath .
0 aperture, autofocus and dual-LED (dual tone) flash takes good snaps in well-light but in lowlight conditions, it struggles due to the weak aperture size.
Prior Information Notices : Isle of May NNR - Painting of North Horn, South Horn and Lowlight Lighthouse and Cottage
Inside is the Twilight Max Light system that improves light transmission in all colors, especially in the blue and red portions of the spectrum for better lowlight performance.
019-inch steel pins, easy and precise elevation and windage adjustment, extra b long fibers to provide perfect aiming brightness, second-and third-axis adjustability and an included sight light for lowlight conditions.
She went on to say that of all five Bella Beauty College locations in Central Texas, South Austin just barely edged out the other locations for the market demand for highlights and lowlight services, however other services such as haircuts and manicures were off the charts for demand as well.
However, HTC has sensors that are larger offering better lowlight performance.
The lowlight was Kenny Miller's miss from two yards out at the end of the Cardiff-Liverpool League Cup Final at Wembley.
The RX30 Reflex series features a 42mm aperture lens, and a glowing tritium lamp ensures a bright amber reticle at night or in lowlight conditions.
MY WEEK Punting high A ropey week and although there has been the odd glimmer of hope, I am looking forward to having a couple of days away from the punting when in I'm Ireland next week (Monday evening) for Barney Curley's Dafa charity Cheltenham preview night at the Salthill Hotel in Galway Punting low 1 Can't point to one standout lowlight, but let's just say there have been too many to mention Punting low 2 Not taking the early 3-1 (available this time last week, but the price crashed in the run-up to the game) about Wayne Bridge not shaking John Terry's hand at Stamford Bridge Fat Sam Don't stoop down to his level, Rafa.
The camera can provide sharp images even in lowlight conditions and allows for 12 privacy masks that can change in size to cover up objects not to be seen.