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Tha luach tharlabhart ann a saorsa Chriosd, agus is daor a chaidh a cheannachd, ach troimh ghras Dhe tha sinne dha fhaighinn an asgaidh.
Thug e urram agus luach don chomann sin, le bhith a' toirt cliu do sgeulachdan nan croitearan mar uirsgeulan nam prionnsaichean.
Cha neonach cill mo shluaigh an cois nan cuan bhith balbh, Chan ioghnadh uchd nan tuam bhi 'n toic le luach na dh' fhalbh, O, shaoghail, is truagh nach till aon uair a shearg, 'S nach tarr mo dheoin, ge buan, aon fhios a shuain nam marbhl (30) No wonder my people's graveyard by the sea is mute Little surprise the tombs 'mounds round with the riches that are lost O, world, it's pitiable that not one hour that's faded will return And that my will though lasting, won't draw one thought from the dead's slumber.
Scanlons of Kilberry 9.30pm Bhulf Ton CLG in association with Tully Bookmakers /, panel Noel Meade, Gordon Elliott, Ger Keane, Robbie Power, Norman Williamson, David Tully (Tully Bookmakers) and Brendan Cummins (MC) Luach EUR 20 Tickets Available from Mary Corrigan @(087) 7942445 or at door on the night.
In the year 2002, Norman Luach, an American Pilot ranked number 5 in the world ranking, who participated in the competition, have also mentioned Billing as one of the most favourable site for aero sport.
Greenberg had published in Ha-aretz, Luach Ha-aretz, and Cherut in the years 1947-1949.
Poetry is not, cannot be, the sacred and God-given tongue but it can aspire to that condition; can be the medium in which a word like Hewbrew luach connotes both a blackboard and the Tables of the Law; a form of daily converse overshadowed by an inescapable aura of sanctity.
ndiaidh mar luach saothair do no [sic] bochtain a bhi ag feitheamh leo
The materials included the original records of the Registrar and Merkaz; the government's official "Rashumot," in which every dissolution (of any registered cooperative or firm) has to be noted; Shituf, the Merkaz's periodical, in which reports of coops' activity as well as dissolution sometimes appear; Luach Hacooperatsia, the Merkaz's annual digest; the files of the workers' councils (Moetzet Poalim) for the largest cities; reports of Merkaz conventions; Kapei's (a Zionist organization that helped cooperatives) report published in Haadama, vol.
Cho fada 's a leanas neo-ionannachd anns an t-saoghal, le calpairean a' goid beairteas an luchdobrach, bidh deasbad ann mu luach Marxism.
Gogrial West County Commissioner, Makuc Aru Luach, said the meeting was a follow-up gathering of previous meetings officials and community leaders from the area in the country's capital Juba and the state capital Kuacjok in 2012.
PAIDI O Lionaird is back with a new series of Luach ar Linne.