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1. A clumsy person.
2. An inexperienced sailor; a landlubber.

[Middle English lobur, lazy lout; akin to lob, lout; see lob.]

lub′ber·ly adv. & adj.
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1. a big, awkward, or stupid person
2. (Nautical Terms) short for landlubber
[C14 lobre, probably from Scandinavian. See lob1]
ˈlubberly adj, adv
ˈlubberliness n
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(ˈlʌb ər)

1. a big, clumsy, stupid person; lout.
2. landlubber.
[1325–75; Middle English lobre]
lub′ber•ly, adj., adv.
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Noun1.lubber - an awkward stupid personlubber - an awkward stupid person    
clumsy person - a person with poor motor coordination
2.lubber - an inexperienced sailor; a sailor on the first voyage
beginner, initiate, tiro, tyro, novice - someone new to a field or activity
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Landsmen on Shipboard.- Fresh-Water Sailors at Sea.- Lubber Nests.
The captain, in his zeal for the health and cleanliness of his ship, would make sweeping visitations to the "lubber nests" of the unlucky "voyageurs" and their companions in misery, ferret them out of their berths, make them air and wash themselves and their accoutrements, and oblige them to stir about briskly and take exercise.
"Luff, you lubber," cried an Irish voice that was Smee's; "here's the rock.
This innocent vast lubber did not see any particular difference between the two facts.
“How should you know, you lubber?” cried Benjamin, with a very unbecoming heat for an officer on the eve of battle—” how should you know, you grampus?
"Well, monsieur!" cried the fisherman, with his Provencal accent, "a man is a sailor, or he is not; he knows his course, or he is nothing but a fresh-water lubber. I was obstinate, and wished to try the channel.
He was once more the stupid lubber. He couldn't hoist worth a cent, and when I fell in a faint, it looked all up with us.
"Yea, you should have seen children also that had cast away their pearls and precious stones, when they saw the like sticking upon the Ambassadors' caps, dig and push their mothers under the sides, saying thus to them: 'Look, mother, how great a lubber doth yet wear pearls and precious stones, as though he were a little child still.'
The lubbers is going about to get the wind of me this blessed moment; lubbers as couldn't keep what they got, and want to nail what is another's.
"Come, come, you lazy lubbers, fall to work, or we shall not be ready for mamma.
Visitors who choose to forgo roaches can still have a close encounter with chubby caterpillars or huge lubber grasshoppers the color of a sunrise.
Vibrations during ultrasonic welding of capsule halves were shaking loose the tiny brass rods, called lubber lines, along which mariners make their sightings.