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 (lo͞o-brĭsh′əs) also lu·bri·cous (lo͞o′brĭ-kəs)
a. Full of or displaying sexual desire: "They fell immediately into an orgy of lubricious kissing" (Joseph Heller).
b. Sexually stimulating; salacious: a book of lubricious photographs.
2. Having a slippery or smooth quality: "Throughout the empire a lubricious glaze of venality came to coat every governmental surface" (Cullen Murphy).

[Alteration of lubricous, from Latin lūbricus, slippery; see sleubh- in Indo-European roots.]

lu·bri′cious·ly adv.
lu·bri′cious·ness n.
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Mold-component suppliers offer pins with various types of lubricous coatings, such as thin dense chrome, molybdenum disulfide, DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon), tungsten disulfide (WS2), titanium nitride (TiN), black oxide, and Dicronite dry lube.
Although they have attractive physical properties, filled materials that contain radiopaque fillers, lubricous additives, and antimicrobial agents do not always process as easily as their base compounds.
MAT-240 transfers a lubricous film that withstands dry conditions, steam and vacuum applications, and a range of operating environments including marginally and fully lubricated.
Often braided or coil reinforced catheters require a lubricous inner layer.