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1. Giving off light; luminous.
2. Translucent; clear.

[Latin lūcēns, lūcent-, present participle of lūcēre, to shine; see leuk- in Indo-European roots.]

lu′cen·cy n.
lu′cent·ly adv.
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(ˈluːsənsɪ) or


radiance; luminosity
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(19) Radiographically, it appears as a focal area of lucency involving the subchondral bone with a varying amount of surrounding sclerosis (Figure 8).
Computed tomography (CT) demonstrated a 2-mm lucency on the oval window (figure 1).
In addition, the right subphrenic lucency is noted as potentially due to postoperative residual intraperitoneal gas.
The laboratory tests are of minimal value except in connective tissue disorder, hemoglobinopathy, or a coagulation disorder.1,9 The radiologic investigations for diagnosis are plain radiographs, MRI, Bone scintigraphy, CT scan and angiography1,7,13 The high rate of bilateral AVN (>60%) and contra-lateral occult disease warrants imaging of the unaffected hip.9 The earliest radiographic signs are lucency and sub-chondral sclerosis of femoral head followed by sub-chondral collapse (crescent sign), femoral head flattening and narrowing of articular space.9-13
Radiographically, there is persistent lucency along fracture lines with smooth rounded sclerotic margins.
Caption: Figure 2: Electron microscopy image showing a glomerular capillary loop with subendothelial widening and lucency (star), typical of microangiopathic endothelial cell injury.
Caption: Figure 2: Proximal and distal lucency consistent with spontaneous LAD coronary artery dissection.
Computed tomography (CT) scan demonstrated an expansile lucency at the proximal aspect of the first metatarsal base toward the dorsal lateral side (Figure 3).
BC is encapsulated and this translates radiographically as a thin, uniform lucency around the periphery of the tumor.
Cementoblastomas are encapsulated and this translates radiographically as a thin, uniform lucency around the periphery of the tumor.
Radiologic anomalies; cella turcica bridging, vertebral anomalies including hemivertebra and combined vertebral corpi, flame-like lucency on hand and foot X-rays 5.
Periosteal thickening of the lateral cortex together with a transverse cortical lucency can be detected on plain radiographs in the early stages.