luck it

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Verb1.luck it - act by relying on one's luck
adventure, gamble, run a risk, take a chance, take chances, risk, chance, hazard - take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome; "When you buy these stocks you are gambling"
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We rode our luck it's safe to say, the Hornets buzzed throughout.
Carroll believes Boom is due a change of luck It's not often you get a PS45,000 handicap at a Wolverhampton evening meeting, and Tony Carroll is hoping lady luck finally smiles on Boom The Groom in the Betway Handicap (7.45).
No other details have been announced nor have there been any trailers or videos released, but with the high standards that CI Games has promised and the recent addition of Steve Hart possibly turning their luck it's clear that CI Games wants "Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3" to hit the right target audience.
"Having had that bit of luck it's been disappointing and worrying that you should show such little regard for the court order."
After The Descendants and Good Night, and Good Luck it's one of swooney Clooney's most impressive movies.
IF anyone deserves a change of luck it's American Ryder Cup star Dustin Johnson.
With any luck it's just a matter of time before Found follow their musical robot creation Cybraphon, which was such a success at last year's Edinburgh Festival, to national recognition.
"To pitch yourself against Liverpool, the majority of the people out there say 'you've done well to get to the semi- finals, bad luck it's them'.
And although new opportunities seem to be the result of good luck it's more down to good timing and fine judgment.
All the trains are dead old and stinking and if it's rush hour, your face is pressed right up against some guy's armpit, and knowing my luck it's usually the sort of guy who don't believe in any of that new man nonsense.
If there's one player who deserves a change of luck it's Dunn.
"With a bit of luck it's not too serious, but this is what happens sometimes with young boys - it's the sort of thing we knew might be just around the corner."