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So absurd or incongruous as to be laughable. See Synonyms at foolish.

[From Latin lūdicrus, sportive, from lūdus, game; see leid- in Indo-European roots.]

lu′di·crous·ly adv.
lu′di·crous·ness n.
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إثارة للضِّحْك
komplet latterlighed


nGroteskheit f; (of sight, words, low prices, slow speed)Lächerlichkeit f; (of high prices, high speed)Absurdität f
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(ˈluːdikrəs) adjective
completely ridiculous.
ˈludicrously adverb
ˈludicrousness noun
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References in classic literature ?
I could not resist the ludicrousness of the spectacle, and holding my sides I rocked back and forth in the first laughter which had passed my lips in many days; the first, in fact, since the morning Powell had left camp when his horse, long unused, had precipitately and unexpectedly bucked him off headforemost into a pot of frijoles.
Tess's sense of a certain ludicrousness in her errand was now so strong that, notwithstanding her awe of him, and her general discomfort at being here, her rosy lips curved towards a smile, much to the attraction of the swarthy Alexander.
This matter was soon set right, and as his muscles relaxed and he drew a long breath he felt keenly enough the ludicrousness of the incident.
'I once played the role of Titus Andronicus (where he won an Olivier Award), and he lived in the land of utter ludicrousness. I think that is what 'Succession' is, because the show lives in the land of ludicrousness.
Secondly, it threw any pretense of reality out the window and fully embraced the ludicrousness of it all.
The IHRA definition was adopted throughout much of the Western World, and a handful of countries have adopted some form of anti-BDS legislation, despite its ludicrousness. However, one should definitely wonder whether the inflamed public debate about these issues truly works to the advantage of 'Israel', or perhaps also partly against it.
'' On this evidence it will also struggle to match the knowing sense of fun and borderline ludicrousness that made Downton such an enjoyable and enduring watch.
A culture that appreciates those women who stay in toxic marriages, who suppress their desires, who labour same hours as men for even lesser wages, who have no access to medical care or education, who face physical and emotional abuse in how they choose to live, who can't determine the course of their lives or their family size.The ludicrousness of the situation is exemplified by how the Mard March or the thousands of reactionary posts against the Aurat March placards are not at par with each other.
'These claims have been most bizarre and often bordering on being hare-brained for the sheer ludicrousness because they at best fall in the region of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.
Taiwanese networks, sadly, do not broadcast similar programs that could cast light on China's ludicrousness. They should do, but that is another issue.
Lim then asked Hanif if the plot had been an attempt to justify a crackdown on DAP that was abandoned due to the ludicrousness of its premise.