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Noun1.Lues venerea - a common venereal disease caused by the treponema pallidum spirochetelues venerea - a common venereal disease caused by the treponema pallidum spirochete; symptoms change through progressive stages; can be congenital (transmitted through the placenta)
sexually transmitted disease, social disease, STD, VD, venereal disease, venereal infection, Venus's curse, Cupid's disease, Cupid's itch, dose - a communicable infection transmitted by sexual intercourse or genital contact
primary syphilis - the first stage; characterized by a chancre at the site of infection
secondary syphilis - the second stage; characterized by eruptions of the skin and mucous membrane
tertiary syphilis - the third stage; characterized by involvement of internal organs especially the brain and spinal cord as well as the heart and liver
neurosyphilis - syphilis of the central nervous system
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Syphilis, "maladie de pians," "mal de Naples," "morbus gallicus," "belle verole," "grosse ou grande verole," and "lues venerea," evoked in the introduction and used throughout the book--amongst a multiplicity of related terms coexisting and competing in the literary, medical, and religious discourses--capture the metaphorical power of the disease as well as its importance that rivals, perhaps, only that of the plague.