luggage carrier

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Noun1.luggage carrier - carrier (as behind a bicycle seat) for luggageluggage carrier - carrier (as behind a bicycle seat) for luggage
carrier - a rack attached to a vehicle; for carrying luggage or skis or the like
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The bicycle required two seats, a luggage carrier and two sets of pedals to power it.
The vehicle features a rear luggage carrier, knobby tyres, and the company's 110cc single-cylinder engine.
Consumers will be able to choose from a wide range of official Mercedes-Benz accessories also available at Al Haddad Motors including illuminated Mercedes star logo, bike and luggage carrier, and rear spoilers, it added.
The Boeing Tri-band is approximately the size of a car-top luggage carrier and has a maximum weight of 80 pounds.
Customers who bought an American Tourister luggage carrier from any of the participating outA[degrees] lets were given a chance to particiA[degrees] pate in the raffle draw.
added a touring version, equipped with a windscreen and luggage carrier, to its long-selling Serow series of dual-sport motorcycles last September.
The 5 + 2 Flexi Seating arrangement can comfortably accommodate seven adults and can be transformed into a adaptable luggage carrier in a flash.
That, and its ability as a luggage carrier, make it an attractive proposition for families, and that is enhanced by a good warranty.
It can transport documents and other things by pushing a luggage carrier.
The Chair Topper looks like a big luggage carrier and goes on top of the car.
It features round headlamp, mirrors, parts of the front suspension and the luggage carrier embellished with chrome and a bright Azurro 70 paint scheme.