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An asymmetrical four-sided fore-and-aft sail that hangs from a yard hoisted obliquely on the mast.

[Possibly from lug.]


(ˈlʌɡsəl) or


(Nautical Terms) nautical a four-sided sail bent and hoisted on a yard
[C17: perhaps from Middle English (now dialect) lugge pole, or from lugge ear]


(ˈlʌgˌseɪl; Naut. -səl)

a quadrilateral sail bent upon a yard that crosses the mast obliquely. Also called lug.
[1670–80; Middle English lugge pole (now dial.; compare log1) + sail]
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Noun1.lugsail - a sail with four corners that is hoisted from a yard that is oblique to the mastlugsail - a sail with four corners that is hoisted from a yard that is oblique to the mast
fore-and-aft sail - any sail not set on a yard and whose normal position is in a fore-and-aft direction
junk - any of various Chinese boats with a high poop and lugsails
lugger - small fishing boat rigged with one or more lugsails


[ˈlʌgsl] Nvela f al tercio


nLoggersegel nt
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The project includes construction of seven underground stations and a bridge over the highway between Doha and establishing a special warehouse for the Lugsail railroad and maintenance workshops.
The lugsail design incorporates horizontal battens which provide strength and shape.
The junk looks like a box, slightly rounded towards the prow, and has a variable number of masts, each with a lugsail made from cotton or palm leaves reinforced by bamboo battens.