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 (lo͝o-go͞o′brē-əs, -gyo͞o′-)
Mournful, dismal, or gloomy, especially to an exaggerated or ludicrous degree.

[From Latin lūgubris, from lūgēre, to mourn.]

lu·gu′bri·ous·ly adv.
lu·gu′bri·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.lugubriousness - the quality of excessive mournfulness and uncheerfulness
uncheerfulness - not conducive to cheer or good spirits
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He smiles and the quick, darting smile is surprisingly sly, seeming to sneak across his features like a whimsical notion before fading back into lugubriousness.
However, that final line would seem to steer the poem toward as much as away from lugubriousness.
If the tenor of this assertion seemed slightly off--its lugubriousness suggesting a lath of critical distance--a more discordant note was struck in a hallway that doubled as .
These defining elements of the Cohen persona include: a marked lugubriousness which has led to monikers such as "The Godfather of Gloom" (de Lisle n.
In the first issue, which was more than 200 pages long, together with a wealth of other materials from political analyses to theater to book reviews, one could read a description of the nascent state's military status and a poem by Shaul TchernichovskyHebrew poetry's pagan high priesttranslated by Arn Tseytlin, the Yiddish poet of desperate survival and Hasidic lugubriousness.
The comic mugging, crass pantomime schtick and reveling rustics of act two almost make you long for a return to the earlier lugubriousness.
Now, the Wolverhampton dialect is a disarmingly humourful one, as hard to pin down as the exact boundaries of the Black Country, but, broadly speaking, midway between the singsong timbre of Welsh and the fully-fledged lugubriousness of fullblown Brummie.
To FitzGerald, imperialist expansion represented a worrying development for England, and with typical lugubriousness, he believed that it would contribute to Britain's demise.
Gone is the hokey croak which saw him verging on self-parody and in comes a delicious lugubriousness that's akin to lumpy honey.