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 (ĭn′to͞o-mĕs′əns, -tyo͞o-)
1. The act or process of swelling or the condition of being swollen.
2. A swollen organ or body part.

in′tu·mes′cent adj.


(ˌɪntjʊˈmɛsəns) or


1. (Pathology) pathol a swelling up, as with blood or other fluid
2. (Pathology) pathol a swollen organ or part
3. (Chemistry) chem the swelling of certain substances on heating, often accompanied by the escape of water vapour
ˌintuˈmescent adj


(ˌɪn tʊˈmɛs əns, -tyʊ-)

1. a swelling up, as with congestion.
2. a swollen mass.
[1650–60; < French]
in`tu•mes′cent, adj.
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Noun1.intumescence - swelling up with blood or other fluids (as with congestion)
puffiness, swelling, lump - an abnormal protuberance or localized enlargement
haematoma, hematoma - a localized swelling filled with blood
2.intumescence - the increase in volume of certain substances when they are heated (often accompanied by release of water)
chemical action, chemical change, chemical process - (chemistry) any process determined by the atomic and molecular composition and structure of the substances involved


n. intumescencia, engrosamiento.
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These are called the cervical and lumbar intumescence.
gouazoubira, thickening of the spinal cord corresponding to the cervical intumescence was found between segments C4-T1 and of lumbar intumescence between L3-L6 (Figures 1 and 2).
One can therefore only infer that these values are stable or tend to vary toward lower values in the craniocaudal direction, except for segments L3-L6, which present the lumbar intumescence.