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1. One who fells trees and transports the timber to a mill; a logger.
2. A short, warm outer jacket. Also called lumber jacket.


(Forestry) (esp in North America) a person whose work involves felling trees, transporting the timber, etc
Also called: lumberman
[C19: from lumber1 + jack1 (man)]


(ˈlʌm bərˌdʒæk)

a person who works at lumbering.
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Noun1.lumberjack - a person who fells treeslumberjack - a person who fells trees    
laborer, labourer, manual laborer, jack - someone who works with their hands; someone engaged in manual labor
scorer - a logger who marks trees to be felled
2.lumberjack - a short warm outer jacket
jacket - a short coat
قاطِع الأخْشاب وناشِرُها


[ˈlʌmbədʒæk] Nleñador(a) m/f


[ˈlʌmbərdʒæk] nbûcheron mlumberjack shirt n épaisse chemise à carreauxlumber room n (British)débarras m


[ˈlʌmbəˌdʒæk] ntaglialegna m inv, boscaiolo


(ˈlambə) noun
1. old unwanted furniture etc.
2. timber sawn up.
to give (someone) an unwanted responsibility. to lumber someone with a job.
ˈlumberjack (-dʒak) noun
a person employed to cut down, saw up and move trees.
References in classic literature ?
G'wan, you're foolin'," said Finn, the other lumberjack, a quiet, steady, Wisconsin man.
I'll never forget when you cleaned out those lumberjacks in the M.
At EPCOT, the stage that once saw the Off Kilter rock group perform at the Canadian pavilion has been replaced by The Lumberjack Show, a loud, manly entertainment experience that is perfect for guests looking to take a break from a day of walking and share a few laughs with their friends and family.
A LUMBERJACK from Gwynedd has been named British Champion axeman.
James Lonergan from the band LUMBERJACK decided he would not let his diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphoma stop him doing the thing he loved.
3The 3 The Lumberjack Song MICHAEL PALIN plays a barber who dreams of moving to British Columbia to fell trees for a living, singing "I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK".
Philip Hodgetts will be on hand to demonstrate the exciting new Lumberjack System and preview the beta IOS app for the system.
Big Brother Australia" intruder Justynn is more than just a rough-looking lumberjack.
It replaced lumberjack at the bottom of the list, something I am sure Tom finds amusing.
The Story of the Lumberjack World Championships" discusses this annual event where people who take pride in their careers as lumberjacks travel to Hayward, Wisconsin to compete with their skills and strength.
Once ridiculed as the clothing of simple, hulking woodsmen, and lampooned by Monty Python, the lumberjack style mens' shirts ( http://www.
Summary: SIDON: Head of the Khardali River Canoe Kayak Club, Ali Awada miraculously survived after a lumberjack supposedly attacked him with his sickle over the weekend.