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An establishment that sells lumber and other building materials from a yard.


(Forestry) US and Canadian an establishment where timber and sometimes other building materials are stored or sold. Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): timberyard


(ˈlʌm bərˌyɑrd)

a yard where lumber is stored for sale.
[1780–90, Amer.]
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Noun1.lumberyard - a workplace where lumber is stocked for salelumberyard - a workplace where lumber is stocked for sale
workplace, work - a place where work is done; "he arrived at work early today"


lumber yard [ˈlʌmbərjɑːrd] nentrepôt m de bois
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From a full-service lumberyard to rental and hardware, the four-location business has built a loyal following for service and products.
Far too often artists are arriving at their presenting house and the piece isn't ready," says Adrienne Willis, the executive and artistic director of Lumberyard Contemporary Performing Arts, an organization that helps dance artists develop new work.
Most of the questioned releases purportedly went to Usman Lumberyard and Construction Supply.
Amazon has published the initial additions and tweaks to its Lumberyard engine after unveiling in beta a month ago.
com/lumberyard/) Lumberyard is a free tool that lets creators build games that typically require big budgets, a large staff and years of work.
The property, which currently operates as a successful lumberyard, has a maximum buildable area of 9,500 s/f.
Thomas Mann, owner of a lumberyard in Athol, says they're speaking to him now.
when 24 people were working in the mill, 16 were working in a nearby planer mill and four more were in the lumberyard.
My husband and I bought some lumber at the local lumberyard and proceeded to tie it to the top of our car.
You can buy the materials to build a pole barn from any lumberyard, but we focus on also providing the design and engineering that will save the customer money.
As builders and remodelers continue to demand more from their online tools, BuilderLink is poised to offer them 24/7 direct access to their preferred lumberyard, a tech library filled with industry manufacturer product specs, on-demand webinars and more.
Mathew Hall may be a small, family-owned lumberyard, but, thanks to the Activant iNet Pro software, we were able to build an award-winning interactive website," said Holly Ruether, advertising and marketing manager for Mathew Hall Lumber.