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Of or resembling an earthworm.

[Latin lumbrīcus, earthworm + -oid.]
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1. (Anatomy) anatomy designating any part or structure resembling a worm
2. (Zoology) of, relating to, or resembling an earthworm
[C19: from New Latin lumbricoides, from Latin lumbrīcus worm]
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Lumbricoid fauna of tundra cryosolic soils is represented only be soil and litter forms (2-4 specimen/[M.sup.2]).Lumbricoid fauna of alas ecological systems of Central Yakutia is highly scanty.
Lumbricoid fauna of earthworms of cryosolic soils of Yakutia is represented by one specie Eisenia nordenskioldi.
trapezoides, the most common and dominant species, was not previously quoted by other authors working on Algerian lumbricoid fauna.