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1. The condition or quality of being luminous.
2. Physics The intensity of light per unit area of its source. Also called photometric brightness.
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1. a state or quality of radiating or reflecting light
2. (General Physics) a measure (in candelas per square metre) of the brightness of a point on a surface that is radiating or reflecting light. It is the luminous intensity in a given direction of a small element of surface area divided by the orthogonal projection of this area onto a plane at right angles to the direction. Symbol: L
[C19: from Latin lūmen light]
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(ˈlu mə nəns)

1. the state or quality of being luminous.
2. the quality or condition of radiating or reflecting light: the blinding luminance of the sun.
3. the quantitative measure of brightness of a light source or an illuminated surface, equal to luminous flux per unit solid angle emitted per unit projected area of the source or surface.
[1875–80; < Latin lūmin- (see lumen) + -ance]
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Noun1.luminance - the quality of being luminousluminance - the quality of being luminous; emitting or reflecting light; "its luminosity is measured relative to that of our sun"
physical property - any property used to characterize matter and energy and their interactions
illuminance, illumination - the luminous flux incident on a unit area
incandescence - light from heat
glow, luminescence - light from nonthermal sources
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Regrettably, PPV and PF-based light emitting diodes performance are limited by their poor stability as well as low luminance efficiency.
The maximum luminance of devices is 1476, 1806, and 1566 cd/[m.sup.2], respectively.
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In this report, we review previous research on interior lighting and present new data from a field study designed to better understand how the luminance and color of interior lighting affect some basic aspects of driver vision.
Solid-state lighting technology based on lightemitting diodes (LEDs) allows for the development of intelligent street lighting systems with the dynamic changing of the photometric characteristics of luminaires and the luminance of the road surface, depending on traffic and weather conditions [1].
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While the product gained wide acclaim for its effectiveness in anti-counterfeiting, there were felt to be shortcomings when used as an overlaminate for passports and ID documents, because when transferred onto the paper sheets in booklets, such as passports, the roughness of the paper surface tended to reduce the hologram's luminance, making it difficult to view clearly.
The FDA noted that the luminance displayed by a mobile device can vary greatly, even among identical models.