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 (lo͞o′mə-nôl′, -nŏl′)
A yellow crystalline organic compound, C8H7N3O2, that exhibits blue chemiluminescence when activated by an oxidizing agent. Luminol can be used in forensic investigations to detect blood stains, in which case the iron in hemoglobin acts as the activating oxidant.

[Latin lūmen, lūmin-, light; see lumen + -ol.]
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A few of these substances include luminol and luciferin.
Luminol with concentration of 25 mM and 12 IU/ml HRP were added and the Relative Light Unit (RLU) was assessed for 30 min with 2-min intervals at 37[degrees]C using a microplate reader with luminescence detection technology (Synergy TM HT, BioTek[R] instruments, Inc.
After incubation, 25 ul of serum opsonized zymosan (SOZ) [Fluka, Buchs, Switzerland] and 25 ul of intracellular reactive oxygen species detecting probe, luminol [Research Organics, Cleveland, OH, USA] were added into each well, except blank wells (containing only HBSS++).
After removing the unbound conjugate by washing, a reagent containing luminogenic substrates (Luminol derivative and peracid salt) and an electron transfer agent is added to the wells.
After addition of western blotting Luminol reagents (Santa Cruz Biotechnology, USA), signals of proteins were recorded using Bio-Rad ChemiDoc [TM] XRS system (Bio-Rad Laboratories).
During I/R, with the myeloperoxidase-mediated neutrophil activation, the assay of excess production of free radicals was represented by using luminol chemiluminescence (CL) and lucigenin CL as indicators.
Proteins were visualized using chemiluminescence luminol reagents (Thermo Scientific Super Signal West Femto Maximum Sensitivity Substrate).
I played performances such as Steven Wilson - Luminol (live) from the Get All You Deserve Blu-Ray and Watchmaker (live in Frankfurt).
Finally, the blots were developed with luminol reagent (Santa Cruz, CA, USA).
Neutrophil oxidants react with luminol. The intensity of chemiluminescence is proportional to the endotoxin level in a patient sample [14, 15].