lump together

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alles in einen Topf werfen

w>lump together

vt sep
(= put together)zusammentun; bookszusammenstellen; expenses, moneyzusammenlegen
(= judge together) persons, topicsin einen Topf werfen, über einen Kamm scheren; he lumped all the soldiers together as traitorser urteilte all die Soldaten pauschal als Verräter ab
References in classic literature ?
It is a fine encouragement to servants to be honest; and to be sure, if I have taken a little something now and then, others have taken ten times as much; and now we are all put in a lump together.
Asked if Arevalo's acquittal may prove that police's 'nanlaban' claims against suspected drug users were lies, the PNP chief said: ''Di naman ganun kagago ang korte na ila-lump nila lahat ng kaso (The court isn't stupid to lump together all the cases).
But critics say the letters will misleadingly lump together pensions with jobseekers' allowances and benefits as "welfare".
A certain incongruity inevitably results from the fact that the LGBT bracket does more than simply lump together several groups of people, it also implies basic (though often contested) assumptions about more or less essential commonalities between the groups in question, thus creating a taxonomy that the National Socialists would have had a hard time understanding.
First, the lingua franca of cognitive science is the issue of the modular decomposition of the mind but formal semantics has partly moved away from it: the sophisticated logical models of meaning in current use typically lump together all aspects of meaning in a big ~semantics-cum-pragmatics~.
If they begin to lump together at high temperatures, you end up growing nanofibers of many different, larger sizes," Melechko said.