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Noun1.lunar calendar - a calendar based on lunar cycles
calendar - a system of timekeeping that defines the beginning and length and divisions of the year
Roman calendar - the lunar calendar in use in ancient Rome; replaced by the Julian calendar in 46 BC
Islamic calendar, Mohammedan calendar, Moslem calendar, Muhammadan calendar, Muslim calendar - the lunar calendar used by Muslims; dates from 622 AD (the year of the Hegira); the beginning of the Muslim year retrogresses through the solar year completing the cycle every 32 years
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It takes place on a different date every year because it is based on the lunar calendar which uses the moon to mark the passage of time.
Tsai embarked on her tour on Friday, the first day of the Year of the Dog on the lunar calendar, to pray for good luck for the people of Taiwan and distribute well-wishing red envelopes to the public.
4 billion Chinese people will be celebrating the arrival of their New Year according to the traditional lunar calendar.
The year 2018 has been tagged in the Chinese Lunar calendar as the 'Year of the Earth Dog.
They follow the lunar calendar in which the start and end of every month is determined by the sighting of a crescent moon, while Christians follow the Gregorian calendar.
Because the lunar calendar advances 11 days each year, the prophet's birthday changes year-to-year, and falls on Wednesday this year.
In Thailand, for example, they will celebrate 2561 year, according to the Buddhist lunar calendar in which the chronology begins from the moment Buddha made nirvana.
They may not all have bar mitzvahs, but if you count off the usual tenets of a werewolf storyfollowing a lunar calendar, dashing off when the sun goes down, making excuses for weird disappearances, accusations, hunts, being driven off by suspicious townspeopleit's easy to guess why Jewish creators throughout the years have chosen the werewolf as a central horror figure.
The first day of the year is observed on the first day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic lunar calendar.
The new UAE's lunar calendar is based on the lunar cycle and it is a manifestation of close interaction of science, Sharia and society, said Ahmad Juma Al Za'abi, Deputy Minister of Presidential Affairs and chairman of the council of trustees of the Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
It occurs in the month of Dhul Hijjah which is the twelfth month of the Islamic lunar calendar.
In the Islamic lunar calendar, Eid ul-Azha falls on the 10th day of Zil-Hajj.