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Noun1.lunch meat - any of various sausages or molded loaf meats sliced and served coldlunch meat - any of various sausages or molded loaf meats sliced and served cold
loaf - a quantity of food (other than bread) formed in a particular shape; "meat loaf"; "sugar loaf"; "a loaf of cheese"
cold cuts - sliced assorted cold meats
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Officials with the Homewood-based lunch meat and specialty meat company say they will create 250 to 300 new jobs in the coming year.
It was the "first report to investigate lunch meat consumption in the U.
line of meat products, which includes chicken, lunch meat and bacon.
Processed meat refers to meat that has been cured, smoked, salted or otherwise processed to increase flavour and shelf life: anything from bacon to ham to lunch meat to pepperoni.
My Yeti cooler, large enough for a midget's time-share, is unburied and opened, only to reveal a forgotten pack of indeterminable sliced lunch meat floating in a swampy stew of water left over from the Fourth of July.
Limit fatty cuts of red meat, fried foods, and processed meats, such as sausage and lunch meat.
Do not eat hot dogs or lunch meat unless they are heated and steaming hot.
Most of the program's food needs are met through the USDA surplus products and the Food Bank of Alaska, but the program's current wish list includes dry cereal, #10 cans of fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs, breakfast meats such as sausage or bacon, lunch meat, and fresh fruit.
Again, drug stores, with their growing selection of premade sandwiches and expanding mix of packaged lunch meat and fresh bread and rolls, can be the destination for parents who still want to pack a lunch for their children.
For instance, we have a lunch box program, in which we supply a week's worth of lunch meat and bread to parents who have a financial difficulty feeding their children during the summer vacation.
In my case I noticed the results instantly and thankfully I only looked slightly pink and not the feared raw lunch meat which relaxed into a dewy glow after an hour.
Parham adds, "Other vegan mock meats we occasionally use, especially when we have 'meat-eaters' for company or for a quick meal, include Tofurky Kielbasa sausage and lunch meat slices.