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Noun1.lunch period - the customary or habitual hour for eating lunchlunch period - the customary or habitual hour for eating lunch; "he observed a regular lunchtime"
mealtime - the hour at which a meal is habitually or customarily eaten
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References in periodicals archive ? see a bunch of classmates you don't normally eat with sitting at your lunch table--then realize you showed up to the wrong lunch period. --Mary F.
Talking about the difficulties, Dheena said the toughest period in a day is between 11am to 4pm as the body goes on a slow mode during the lunch period. So one had to be on a liquid diet.
Her father tells the Scranton Times-Tribune that John Adams Elementary School has changed her lunch period and recess in response.
Once students see the chess set up during their lunch period, they quickly fill in spots to compete with each other or with Harris.
'There were also students in the area around IDX, as it was a rest and lunch period, but thank God they were all safe,' she said.
According to TJ's mother, Beverly, his efforts are time-consuming, but he uses his lunch period at school to get a lot of his work done.
One student - who wishes to remain anonymous - said a petition gained more than 124 signatures over one lunch period.
Not one lunch period goes by at school without someone inquiring about what I eat.
One of the teachers informed WAFA that an Israeli military force broke into the schools' campuses during the lunch period for no specific reason, spreading fear and panic among students.
It had originally being using the facility from 10.45am to 12.15pm for the last three years but was told at first it could only move to another time directly over the group's lunch period.
I returned to my notes; and shortly thereafter, teachers began entering the lounge for the first scheduled lunch period. Since part of my role as researcher was to note aspects of the school milieu, and since my curiosity was piqued by the observation of the individual at the dumpster, I spontaneously asked the first group of teachers if they had previously seen this individual at the waste container.