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1. A sudden thrust or pass, as with a sword.
2. A sudden forward movement or plunge.
v. lunged, lung·ing, lung·es
1. To make a sudden thrust or pass.
2. To move with a sudden thrust.
To cause (someone) to lunge.

[From alteration of obsolete allonge, to thrust, from French allonger, from Old French alongier, to lengthen : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + long, long (from Latin longus; see del- in Indo-European roots).]
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References in classic literature ?
It struck him just below the knees, eliciting a howl of pain and rage, and so throwing him off his balance that he lunged full upon me with arms wide stretched to ease his fall.
I lunged gayly with my stick at a lamp-post and missed it, whereat a street-urchin grinned, and I winked at him and slipped twopence down his back.
He looked about him for an offensive weapon, caught up the snuffers, and, before applying them to the cabbage-headed candle, lunged at the sleeper as though he would have run him through the body.
With the agility of a squirrel Meriem was upon her feet and at the same instant the great bull lunged for her.
His only hope lay in throwing the creature off its balance, and to this end Tarzan straightened his body and leaned as far back against his captor as he could, and then suddenly lunged forward.
The banth toppled sideways at the same instant that it attempted to spring; a raking talon passed close to Gahan's head at the moment that his sword lunged through the savage heart, and as the warrior wrenched his blade from the carcass it slipped silently over the side of the ship.
One never moved from the spot where it stood when the avalanche of spears struck it, for two, perfectly aimed, had penetrated its heart, and it lunged forward upon its knees, rolling to the ground without a struggle.
I felt the swish of the hatchet at it grazed my head, and at the same instant my shaft pierced the Sagoth's savage heart, and with a single groan he lunged almost at my feet--stone dead.
He reached the brink of the well, stepped outward into space, lunged forward, and shot downward into the inky depths below.
There was no sound, barely a struggle of the convulsively stiffening old muscles, and then, with a push from De Vac, the body lunged forward into the Thames, where a dull splash marked the end of the last hope that Prince Richard might be rescued from the clutches of his Nemesis.
What he had in tow, lunged itself at him sometimes in an awful manner when the boat was checked, and sometimes seemed to try to wrench itself away, though for the most part it followed submissively.
A WOMAN whose dog lunged at and bit a musician on the face has had her sentence put off until later this week.