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One that lunges.
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Noun1.lunger - someone who moves forward suddenly (as in fencing)
mover - someone who moves
2.lunger - a person with pulmonary tuberculosis
diseased person, sick person, sufferer - a person suffering from an illness
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Oh, I'm a lunger," Brissenden announced, offhand, a little later, having already stated that he came from Arizona.
She's a public lunger or she wouldn't have been singing the Benedicite; and she's a Greenlander or she wouldn't have snow-blinds over her colloids," said George at last.
Tenders are invited for Providing of 40 nos led fitting accessories at variouslocations in lunger house division of lunger house package.
Free lunger will be provided to the visitors of the darbar during urs days.
On the occasion, Quran Khuwani was held and lunger was also distributed amongst the people.
com)-- Kirby Lunger, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Performance Architects, Inc.
On the occasion lunger (foods) distributed among the particiapants.
Harley 915 put in an amazing performance with lunger Nelson Vidoni as Cavallaro sparkled with an overall tally of 8.
We're really trying to improve upon the nightlife industry in Dubai and bring some really cool people here," said general manager Todd Lunger.
The acquisition will provide Linden with a platform to compete and expand in the human diagnostics and therapeutics research and development markets, Linden operating partner Fran Lunger commented.
He said two other cars, driven by American Brett Lunger and West German Harald Ertl, could not avoid Lada and "smacked straight into him".