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A yellowish-brown substance obtained from glands at the base of the strobili of the hop plant, containing essential oils and formerly used in medicine as a sedative.

[New Latin lupulus, specific epithet of the hop plant (from diminutive of Latin lupus, wild hop plant, from lupus, wolf (the hop plant perhaps being so called because of its biting bitterness or the resemblance of its bracts to teeth) ; see lupine2) + -in.]


(Pharmacology) a resinous powder extracted from the female flowers of the hop plant and used as a sedative
[C19: from New Latin lupulus, diminutive of lupus the hop plant]
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The essential oils and resins, called lupulin, reside at the base of the petals, and these are the most important part of the plant.
Hop cones have lupulin glands that contain compounds called "alpha acids.
Hop cones contain lupulin glands that contain compounds called alpha acids.
Much of the value of Hops depends on the abundance of this powdery substance which contains 10 per cent of Lupulin the bitter principle to which Hops owe much of their tonic properties.
We get it - we're brewers too,” says John Bryce, Founder of The Lupulin Exchange, “Our goal is to streamline and secure this process for buyer and seller, so you can both get back to the brewhouse before your next hop addition.