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1. Chiefly British A crossbred dog formerly used chiefly by hunters and poachers.
2. Archaic A sneak thief.

[Middle English, from lorchen, to lurk, perhaps from lurken; see lurk.]
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1. (Breeds) a crossbred hunting dog, usually a greyhound cross with a collie, esp one trained to hunt silently
2. archaic a person who prowls or lurks
[C16: from lurch3]
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(ˈlɜr tʃər)

1. a crossbred dog used esp. by poachers.
2. Archaic. a person who lurks or prowls.
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Noun1.lurcher - someone waiting in concealment
waiter - a person who waits or awaits
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The old-time poachers in England used to do it with their lurcher dogs.
Fangs!'' he ejaculated at the top of his voice to a ragged wolfish-looking dog, a sort of lurcher, half mastiff, half greyhound, which ran limping about as if with the purpose of seconding his master in collecting the refractory grunters; but which, in fact, from misapprehension of the swine-herd's signals, ignorance of his own duty, or malice prepense, only drove them hither and thither, and increased the evil which he seemed to design to remedy.
Toby proved to an ugly, long-haired, lop-eared creature, half spaniel and half lurcher, brown-and-white in color, with a very clumsy waddling gait.
Sixty or seventy of them, large and small, smooth and shaggy--deer-hound, boar-hound, blood-hound, wolf-hound, mastiff, alaun, talbot, lurcher, terrier, spaniel--snapping, yelling and whining, with score of lolling tongues and waving tails, came surging down the narrow lane which leads from the Twynham kennels to the bank of Avon.
A big old lurcher got up slowly from the door-stone, stretching first one hind leg and then the other, and taking Tom's caresses and the presence of Toby, who kept, however, at a respectful distance, with equal indifference.
Despite some initial uncertainty over whether he'd survive, the lurcher has overcome the odds to make a full recovery.
CAN you give a home to this lovely lurcher? Remy is six years old and has great fun with his toys, in particular his favourite Frisbee which he likes to play with when he's on his walks.
Ryan Ramshaw's lurcher, Slip, killed 15-year-old Penny in front of its horrified owner on July 22 last year.
COULD you give a new home to Gracie, a Saluki cross Lurcher aged between three and four years old?
Now in its fifth year Brass: Durham Music Festival, hopes to work alongside Deerness Boarding Kennels and Cattery to try and re-house stray black lurcher Brassy from Ferryhill.
KYM is a four-year-old lurcher who has been in kennels since she was 10 months old.
RSPCA inspectors found a severely emaciated male lurcher puppy barely alive and curled up on the partially decomposed body of an adult male lurcher in a garden shed.