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I am pleading the cause of a woman, a woman I lurve, sorr--a noble woman--misunderstood.
I lurve England," he used to say--"lurve England, but Puritanism, sorr, I abhor.
mood ain MANY things put me in the mood for lurve - the waft of a certain aftershave, the scent of red roses or the crackling of a roaring open Oh, the memories
Only a few days after the Harry and Meghan lurve connection was revealed, her halfsister has already sold her out, claiming she's narcissistic, selfish, a ruthless social climber and didn't help out her family members when they were in financial difficulties.
A night of lurve on this channel as for one evening only, French Fred and his team open the doors of their restaurant to famous singletons who will be dining, wining and refining their best chat-up lines, while the world watches.
Charli XCX's new single Boom Clap (out now) is all about falling head over heels in lurve.
Well-targeted Cupid's arrow aimed at watering the green shoots of instant attraction and hoping they'd blossom in 48 hours, ready for a Valentine's Day display of lurve.
The season of lurve is all spelled out--and it couldn't be any more amazing.
They meet while he is on leave from the army and, over a two-week period, fall in lurve.
Now, I don't know whether this is a clever marketing tool but finding a German pinot grigio as opposed to its close cousin pinot gris, found in abundance in the Deutschland, seems to me like pandering to the fashionistas who lurve their pinot grigio.
Some are more deserving victims than others as the targets range from soul lurve gods through troubadouring songsmiths to the hip hop brigade.
And with their play The Lurve Thang telling the story of a woman who gets cold feet on her wedding morning, they could not have picked a more appropriate title.