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lush 1

adj. lush·er, lush·est
a. Having or characterized by luxuriant vegetation: a lush valley.
b. Abundant; plentiful. See Synonyms at profuse.
a. Extravagant or luxurious, as in ornamentation: the lush decor of a grand hotel.
b. Extremely pleasing to the senses: a lush scent; lush fruit; the lush sounds of an orchestra.
c. Voluptuous or sensual: "[His]eyes swept over her lush young body until she was all the way out the door" (Clark Howard).

[Middle English, relaxed, soft, probably alteration of lache, loose, weak, from Old French lasche, soft, succulent, from laschier, to loosen, from Late Latin laxicāre, to become shaky, frequentative of Latin laxāre, to open, relax, from laxus, loose; see lax.]

lush′ly adv.
lush′ness n.

lush 2

 (lŭsh) Slang
A drunkard.
tr.v. lushed, lush·ing, lush·es
To cause to get drunk.

[Origin unknown.]
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a person who drinks excessively
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