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sugar bowl


Pottery or porcelain having a metallic sheen produced when metallic oxides are added to the glaze.


(ˈlʌs tərˌwɛər)

ceramic ware covered with a luster.
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Noun1.lusterware - pottery with a metallic sheen produced by adding metallic oxides to the glaze
clayware, pottery - ceramic ware made from clay and baked in a kiln
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These artifacts include rock crystal and ivory, monumental marble reliefs, ceramic lusterware (a technique popular during the Fatimid Dynasty), marble vases, copper lamps, chandeliers with kufic script and much more.
The bulk of the materials consisted of fragmentsofeverydaypottery, such as bowls,ulnas,jars andbits offancy lusterware vessels.
Kacker uses text in a way that establishes a connection with the viewer at a level other than the purely visual and he has credited his short apprenticeship with lusterware master, Alan Caiger Smith of Aldermaston Pottery, UK, for his use of the flat brush in making script and calligraphic embellishment on his ceramics.