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Excited or driven by lust.

lust′ful·ly adv.
lust′ful·ness n.
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Adv.1.lustfully - in a lustful manner; "he looked at the young woman lustfully"
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بِشَهْوانيَّه، بِشَبَق
á lostafullan hátt


[ˈlʌstfəlɪ] ADVlujuriosamente, libidinosamente; [look] → lascivamente
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(last) noun
(a) very strong desire. a lust for power.
ˈlustful adjective
ˈlustfully adverb
ˈlusty adjective
1. strong and loud. The baby gave a lusty yell.
2. strong and healthy. a lusty young man.
ˈlustily adverb
ˈlustiness noun
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This is a genuine moment of affection for Jaime, as he had previously been lustfully bedding his sister Cersei.
Whilst this so assumed driving energy for technological evolution needs to remain lustfully primed, for the betterment of our species, economic usurpation is rudimentary, unjust and cruel.
Sport and dodgy motives have long shared a bed and no group makes the two-backed beast more lustfully than the men who run football.
Personally, I prefer the all-black (DLC coating) looks of the K6s DC (Deep Cover), but I know there are a lot of you out there looking at the photos of the two-tone CDP and lustfully shouting "Shut up and take my money!"
Daniel Varisco observes that the 2003 Penguin Books (UK) edition presents "a meticulously detailed Orientalist scene by the French artist Emile Jean-Horace Vernet": "A dark-skinned Bedouin man in robes bends close to stare lustfully at a white-skinned beauty, a half-inclined odalisque coquette on a rock, with her left thigh and right breast exposed to the light through the opening folds of [her] alluring white dress" (2017, 27).
His outspoken Jew was a "patriot by perversity"--"lustfully Hebraic, rowling gloriously, drunkenly, madly in Jewishness." (22) Trillings and Lewisohn's different attitudes toward Jewish identity exemplify that the Menorah Journal of the mid to late 1920s, pulled between the irreverent editor Elliot Cohen and its staid publisher Henry Hurwitz, represented a stimulating but uneasy coexistence of Jewish skepticism and affirmation.
And familiar done fantastic--not regular chocolate chip cookies, but over-the-top lustfully indulgent chocolate chip cookies.
Their gazes hover lustfully over the screens, as if they
He needed to be adored; he needed to be lustfully adventurous with careless bravado.
A couple of well-muscled inmates stand at the bars and look at him lustfully, telling him to try to get placed on their tier.
Graham | |unearthed a photo in which Will appeared to be staring lustfully at his wife's breasts on the red carpet.