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adj. lust·i·er, lust·i·est
1. Full of vigor or vitality; robust.
2. Powerful; strong: a lusty cry.
3. Lustful.
4. Merry; joyous.

lust′i·ly adv.
lust′i·ness n.
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Noun1.lustiness - the property of being strong and healthy in constitution
strength - the property of being physically or mentally strong; "fatigue sapped his strength"
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(last) noun
(a) very strong desire. a lust for power.
ˈlustful adjective
ˈlustfully adverb
ˈlusty adjective
1. strong and loud. The baby gave a lusty yell.
2. strong and healthy. a lusty young man.
ˈlustily adverb
ˈlustiness noun
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It pulls smoothly and with satisfying lustiness to around 8,000rpm, at which point a red light comes on to tell you politely to change gear.
With Eve as the model for all women, evangelists argued that contraception must be banned because women needed to have a "fear of pregnancy" in order to control their natural lustiness (p.
With regard to their continuity in Present-Day English, all the forms are collected in the OED, but those with -HOOD are now obsolete (blessedness / [dagger]blessedhead; darkness / [dagger]darkhead; evenness / [dagger]evenhead; fullness / [dagger]fullhead; ghostliness /[dagger]ghostlihead; kindness / [dagger]kindhead; lustiness / [dagger]lustihead; mickleness / [dagger]micklehead-[dagger]micklehood; newness / [dagger]newhead; nobleness / [dagger]noblehead; unkindness /[dagger]unkindhead; wickedness / [dagger]wickedhead).
While some perfumers chose a more delicate sensuality, lustiness is all over the season's new bottles.
Van Gaal had demanded that his side were "horny" for action and with so many teenagers in the side there shouldn't have been any shortage of lustiness. Rashford made an early impression when he beat two to test Mikkel Andersen with a shot.
"It (building snowmen) is imitating the infidels, it promotes lustiness and eroticism," one wrote.
Valor, lustiness, hope--all these good things seem to have been misplaced" (147).