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tr.v. lus·trat·ed, lus·trat·ing, lus·trates
To purify by means of ceremony.

[Latin lūstrāre, lūstrāt-, to purify, make bright; see luster.]

lus·tra′tion n.
lus′tra·tive (-trə-tĭv) adj.
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Serving to purify of sin:
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it examines the degree to which religious legacies affect the likelihood for a particular postcommunist country to lustrate and the intensity of various lustrative phenomena.
A lustration program is "implemented" if a person's proven or alleged links to the previous regime have been reviewed pursuant to a lustrative provision of a defined consequence.
Batelco (5): Client to the agency:"We want to communi- cate the voice messaging service to our consumers." And the agency responds with an interestingly witty style of il- lustrative press ads.