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1. Having a sheen or glow; gleaming: lustrous pearls. See Synonyms at bright.
2. Well-known or distinguished; illustrious: lustrous achievements.

lus′trous·ly adv.
lus′trous·ness n.


in a lustrous manner
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Then we found that the full moon was gleaming lustrously from a cloudless sky across the valley.
Through her black veil the whites of her big eyes gleamed lustrously like the eyes of a masked woman.
Opaline Dust is a professional grade powder that is finer and lustrously more iridescent than traditional glitter.
Coming some three centuries late, this centre of faith and freedom as Seringapatam was, shone lustrously as a beacon light to all ships of Indian freedom amidst a tamed sea of protectorates, subsidiaries and "faithful allies".
Honor 7, a fine gadget, would certainly add to the honor of Huawei because of its richly metallic and lustrously royal look.
The lion tamer was lustrously delivered by Martin Winkler, who reappeared in Act III as an Acrobat in Lulu's stable of men.
What look like Easter eggs appear: lustrously fat splotches of vivid and pungent paint, some of them--ha-ha--digitally drop-shadowed too.
Rolling Stone raved about the new album saying: "The 11 songs are precision-tuned and lustrously polished, jammed with hooks and choruses" in their glowing 4* review.
Nephelidia From the depth of the dreamy decline of the dawn through a notable nimbus of nebulous noonshine, Pallid and pink as the palm of the flag-flower that flickers with fear of the flies as they float, Are the looks of our lovers that lustrously lean from a marvel of mystic miraculous moonshine, These that we feel in the blood of our blushes that thicken and threaten with throbs through the throat.
When he died in San Francisco at the end of August, he left behind a chain of international accomplishments, but on that chain no gem glowed more lustrously than the Canadian Opera Company.
Sophie Bevan's lustrously voiced Vixen Sharp-Ears combines gambolling legs-in-the-air coquettishness with a cheerfully amoral relish in despatching her victims and ensnaring a suitor.
The quality of the product is obvious in its great, lustrously deep colour which gives really good coverage and lasts really well.