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also lu·ta·nist  (lo͞ot′n-ĭst)
A lute player. Also called lutist.

[Medieval Latin lūtānista, from lūtāna, lute, possibly from Old French lut; see lute1.]
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(ˈluːtənɪst) or


(Music, other) Also: lutist a person who plays the lute
[C17: from Medieval Latin lūtānista, from lūtāna, apparently from Old French lut lute1]
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(ˈlut n ɪst)

a person who plays the lute.
[1590–1600; < Medieval Latin lūtānista, derivative of lūtāna lute; see -ist]
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Noun1.lutenist - a musician who plays the lute
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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nLautenist(in) m(f), → Lautenspieler(in) m(f)
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Led by lutenist Rolf Lislevand, the Norwegian Baroque Orchestra capture the bittersweet melancholy of John Dowland's seven-piece pavan cycle based on a lute solo he later made into his best known song, Flow My Tears.
- Intimate Evenings: Paul O'Dette, lutenist (Beall)
What started off as a casual conversation between Rob Smith and lutenist Brendan McCormack over a glass of mulled wine at a Birkenhead Priory concert in 1988, has indeed ended up as not only Wirral's biggest and most defining arts event, but a massive draw for artists anf fans.
I, for one, would far sooner have the real thing--even if it betrays a less than perfect understanding of the instrument--than a professional lutenist's `improvement'.
And Florida-born William Carter is professor of lute and Baroque studies at the Guildhall School and principal lutenist with both the Academy of Ancient Music and the English Concert.
For this program, lutenist Jacob Heringman draws on two manuscript collections of the late sixteenth century, both produced in Tuscany: the Siena Lute Book and an untitled collection currently held in the Dolmetsch Library in Haslemere, the Netherlands.
Howe, "Architecture for 'Divine Hymns': The Organ of Antonio da Sangallo the Younger for the Church of Santo Spirito in Sassia"; Mariagrazia Carlone, "Portrait of a Lutenist at the Museo Civico of Como: An Inquiry"; Rebecca Edwards, "Portraying Claudio Merulo, 'That Great Fountain whose Value Deserved no other Prize than Heaven Itself'"; Laurie Stras, "Musical Portraits of Female Musicians at the Northern Italian Courts in the 1570s"; Barbara Sparti, "Humanism and the Arts: Parallels between Alberti's On Painting and Guglielmo Ebreo's On ...
In this it mirrored soprano Emma Kirkby and lutenist Anthony Rooley's Queen's Hall Arts Centre performance two nights earlier.
Two other fine concerti from the Vivaldi cornucopia highlighted virtuoso playing from lutenist Ivano Zanenghi and cellist Francesco Galligioni.
Soprano Emma Kirkby, one of the stars of this year's Hexham Abbey Festival, will be at the town's Queen's Hall arts centre on Friday September 19 with lutenist Anthony Rooley for a concert featuring the music of John Dowland.
Lutenist Nigel North writes of how Elizabethans and Jacobeans recognized a ballad tune from a mere snatch, as we would with something like Yesterday - sweet melancholy was as much a part of the aesthetic as now.
Lutenist Konrad Junghanel directs the passionate, urgent, vividly articulate vocal quintet, supported by harpsichordist Harald Hoeren, which makes up the Cologne-based Cantus Colln, in gripping accounts of works by a range of composers, Schutz and Giaches de Wert the only non-Italians.