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n. luteoma, tumor del cuerpo lúteo.
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Pregnancy luteomas depend on hCG stimulation during pregnancy for their structural and functional integrity.
Background: Pregnancy luteoma is a rare non neoplastic condition of the ovary.
of cases Percentage (n=8) Cystectomy 3 37.5% Oophorectomy 2 25% Salpingo-oophorectomy 3 37.5% Table 5: Differential diagnosis of an adnexal mass in pregnancy Varian Non ovarian Benign Ectopic pregnancy Functional cysts Paraovarian cyst Follicular cysts Leiomyoma Corpus luteum cysts Hydrosalpinx Theca-lutein cysts Tubo-ovarian abscess Luteomas Peritoneal inclusion cyst Hemorrhagic cysts Diverticular abscess Benign cystic teratomas Appendiceal abscess or tumor Serous cystadenomas Fallopian tube cancer Mucinous cystadenomas Pelvic kidney Endometriomas Lymphoma Malignant Epithelial Germ cell Sex cord/stromal Granulosa cell Metastatic Pseudomyxoma peritonei
In a retrospective study of six patients of pregnancy luteomas, Cronje (9) reported that unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy was the most frequent treatment.
P regnancy luteoma is a rare non-neoplastic hormone dependant tumor, like lesion of the ovary that was first described by Sternberg in 1963.
Macroscopically, pregnancy luteomas are solid masses that may be mistaken for ovarian neoplasms because of this feature.
Pregnancy luteomas are generally thought to arise from nodular hyperplasia of theca interna cells (theca-lutein hyperplasia), (59,67,69) although others (56) have proposed an origin from stromal cells.
Un grado mas severo de esta entidad es inusual y si se acompana de otros signos de masculinizacion debe pensarse en otra posible fuente de androgenos, como son los tumores de la glandula suprarrenal u luteomas del embarazo.