Of a light or moderate greenish yellow.

[From Latin lūteus, yellow; see lutein.]


(Colours) of a light to moderate greenish-yellow colour
[C17: from Latin lūteus yellow]


(ˈlu ti əs)

(of yellow) having a light to medium greenish tinge.
[1650–60; < Latin lūteus bright yellow]
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Legs blackish brown, fore coxae partly luteous; fore trochanters, basal part of fore femora luteous; mid- and hind trochanters partly testaceous in males, mostly luteous in females, slightly darkened dorsally and posteriorly on distal part; fore tibia yellowish brown to luteous.
marchei only the extreme base of the first antennal segment is luteous, rather than the basal half, and the trochanters are dark rather than pale.
9 mm wide, luteous, membranous; laminas obtriangular, essentially glabrous, bases adaxially pubescent, simple hairs, abaxially with minute, appressed stellate trichomes, apical margins with a few scattered minute simple and 2-seriate trichomes, basal adaxial midvein raised, claw distinct, 1-1.