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See lute2.


1. (Building) another name for lute21
2. (Cookery) Also called: luting paste a strip of pastry placed around the dish to seal the lid of a pie


(ˈlu tɪŋ)

any of various readily molded substances for sealing, cementing, or waterproofing.
[1520–30; lute2 + -ing1]
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Noun1.luting - a substance for packing a joint or coating a porous surface to make it impervious to gas or liquid
sealing material - any substance used to seal joints or fill cracks in a porous surface
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The objective of this study was four fold; to find out the materials of choice for fixed dental prosthesis(FDP), role of luting agent in post operative sensitivity, to find out the trend of elective root canal therapy (RCT) among the clinicians prior to provision of FDP and to record the frequency of temporary crown placement by the clinicians.
Among luting agents, Glass-ionomer cements (GIC) (77%) was the most popular luting agent and resin cements (40%) used by acid etch technique was labeled to be the most irritant luting agent leading to post-operative sensitivity.
9 Apart from the advantages offered by GICs over other luting agents, GICs exhibits difficult handling properties and potential post-operative hypersensitivity.
Several studies have demonstrated that variables related to the retention of cast posts-and-cores--such as length, (8) surface characteristics, (9) diameter, (10) wall inclination, (11) luting cement type, (12) and luting technique (13)--are directly related to the longevity of the final prosthesis.
Few evaluations have been conducted about the effects of finishing procedures on the strengths of different luting cements.
It is also a good idea to prevent an OIL from forming when luting veneers.
This randomized clinical trial was carried out to compare post cementation sensitivity in vital abutments of metal-ceramic fixed partial dentures using glass ionomer luting cement and resin based luting cement.
05) at all appointments in abutments of fixed partial denture with either resin based or glass ionomer luting cement.
Key words: Bonding, Adhesive, Dentine Substrate, Luting Cements
2 This layer might also influence the shear bond strength of the restora- tion luted with resin luting cement in the subsequent visit.
Both cements were mixed per manufacturer's directives to achieve excellent properties while using these as luting material.
Key words: Solubility, Luting Material, Glass Ionomer Cement, Zinc Phosphate Cement, Circum- ferential Tie